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It has long been known that an e-newsletter is a Hong Kong Phone Number List useful addition to your marketing and public relations efforts. They are, after all, a warm, Hong Kong Phone Number List powerful communication medium that encourages a strong, lasting relationship between you and your readers. There is some new clarity in the world of online newsletters thanks to research coming from the Nielsen Norman Group in their latest report, E-mail Newsletter Usability. The Hong Kong Phone Number List conducted three rounds of user studies with a total of 93 participants in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Sweden. The three studies were as follows:

First Study. This study focused on testing e-newsletter usability in terms of the Hong Kong Phone Number List of subscribing, unsubscribing, and maintaining the user’s account. It Hong Kong Phone Number List was primarily done in a laboratory setting (with other parts being done through phone calls) with researchers observing subjects as they read e-newsletters and tried to subscribe and unsubscribe. Second Study. This was a remote study that examined in a detailed way the Hong Kong Phone Number List users’ experience receiving and reading e-newsletters that they’d already subscribed to on their own initiative.

A total of 101 newsletters were studied over a four-week period, 65% of which were of personal interest and 40% were for business purposes. The 5% that overlapped Hong Kong Phone Number List these categories were counted twice. Third Study. This study used an eye tracker to record where users were looking when they looked at Web sites, tried to Hong Kong Phone Number List subscribe and unsubscribe, checked their e-mail inboxes, and read their e-newsletters. Also, the researchers compared Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds to e-newsletters and Hong Kong Phone Number List observed participants in their offices during a normal workday in order to learn how newsletters and news feeds are used in a demanding, information-rich environment.