Incomplete object records

The beta site has two major problems that did not exist on the old site.

  1. The object record lacks important data that was previously evident on the old site. In particular, I have been repeatedly frustrated by the lack of mention of any marks on ceramic objects. To determine if there is a mark, I have to refer to the printed Glaisher catalogue, and that is irksome, to put it mildly. For example, C.883-1928, pearlware figure of Chaucer, is impressed “Ra. Wood Burslem” and “155”, but there is no mention of this vital information on the beta site. Please, please fix this.

  2. Also, another problem illustrated by this particular figure, although it is by no means limited to it: I should be able to search across the site by the maker’s name—the terms “Ra. Wood Burslem” or “Ralph Wood” of something along those lines. Yet a search of that sort does not pull up this figure. It pulls up a number of others, some of which have absolutely no relationship with Ralph Wood.